Localisation and testing

Is your business or brand ready to become global? Our team of native language professionals will ensure that your brand and product will reach your global audience the way you want. Here at LingBox we develop solutions that work specifically for your product and business.

We know how important it is to build long-term relationships with clients worldwide and, at the same time, maintain brand consistency. In order to do this, we will not just translate your message literally but also localise it making sure your brand is perceived the same way all around the world. Localisation involves customising the language and cultural aspects of web or marketing content, including products, softwares, packaging etc. to adapt it to its new markets.

Thanks to a team of in-country language experts, we have the knowledge and expertise together with the right technology to help you communicate your message across different languages and cultures. We also offer localisation testing – whether at your premises or remotely – to ensure you are completely ready to launch your product. During this stage, your content will be assessed, making sure it is within context and ready to go global.

Whether it’s your website, software, marketing material or a social media campaign, we will work closely with you helping you to achieve your global goals.


  • Build long-term relationships with clients worldwide
  • Brand consistency
  • Increase return on investment
  • Expand client portfolio


  • Website localisation
  • Software localisation
  • Digital media localisation
  • Social media localisation
  • Localisation testing

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